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I wanted to thank you again for the complete and thorough job that you performed on my home inspection.  As a first time buyer that is navigating their way through this process with absolutely no experience in construction, I feel confident that you represented my interests at the highest level.  You performed the inspection as if you were buying the house for yourself.  You can expect referral business from me.

Lee G.

Thanks for the very detailed report. ......after the seller would not come down to appraisal value - or make allowances for the work needed on the house we pulled out of the deal. 

Thanks again for the report - It probably saved us tons of money!  We are still looking for a house and will call you again for the next inspection! 
Thanks again -

Kacie S.

Thank you for your in-depth inspection. The seller has agreed to the most critical items.

Kind Regards,

Richard P.


Thanks for the speedy response and professionalism!  My wife and I appreciate the thorough inspection of our new home and identification of potential problems with its construction. 
I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and neighbors for their inspection needs.

Hi Dan, 

Thanks very much for doing a very thorough job on the inspection and providing a very detailed report. I especially appreciate your efforts to get the furnace going so we could test it, I realize that it significantly extended the time of your inspection.........Once again, thanks for a job well done and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs them.



I had an inspection with Dan High yesterday afternoon. His attention to detail and work ethic went far beyond my expectations. When I received the report via email I was impressed with the content and the specifics of the report. As a realtor, I will recommend your company and him for ALL my transactions. Thank you so much for everything.


I was out of the office yesterday, so I reviewed your report today.  This is one of the most professional and detailed inspection reports that I have seen.  The information is extremely valuable and helped with negotiations when I spoke to the owner regarding the repair and/or replacement of many issues as noted in your report.   

If you ever need a reference, please let me know and I would be glad to lend any support I could.  Thank you again for your time and your conscientious work.  

Best regards, 


Thanks Dan for the very detailed report.  We really appreciate the time you took to perform the inspection and write-up.  We will definitely use your services again if this house doesn't work out.  In addition, we would be happy to pass your name along to friends/ family members that may need an inspector in the future.  We'll be in touch if we have any follow up questions. Thanks again.
Tim and Jen

Thank you for your prompt response.  We were impressed with and grateful for the thoroughness of your inspection.  Its always a pleasure to work with a professional.  Should we have any questions we will definitely call or email.  It will be our pleasure to recommend your services whenever we have the opportunity to do so. 



Thank you, Dan, for the thorough inspection. We will strongly recommend you to anyone we know who needs an inspection.


I called and left a message but wanted to follow up with an e-mail, as well.  Thanks again for your hard work on our home inspection.  It was great to be prepared when we went into each room.  We used your template as a guide and pointed out all of the issues you addressed to our point of contact from Engle Homes.  They started to fix a lot of the issues and were addressing the larger issues while we were there.  You will be glad to know that they fixed the tub You were correct they forgot to plug it in.  They also had an HVAC rep in the house reproducing the smell from the heat pump.  He thought it was triggered when the emergency heat kicked in and that it was the result of the new heating element becoming hot.  Regardless, the smell did lessen when the heat pump was later turned on.   

Thanks again for your help, 

Ken and Christina

My wife and I read the report and were amazed at your thorough work. 

Thanks again!!!

Dan, I thank you again!  You did an awesome job and were extremely thorough, which I like.  I will highly recommend you to any and everyone.  Thanks!!! 


Thank you very much for your very thorough inspection the other day.  It was
educational for me, and you definitely pointed out things that I wouldn't
have noticed or known about. The builder agreed to address everything that
we pointed out to them.

Thanks again.


Thank you very much for getting this done on such a short notice and so quickly.  The report is very detailed and we really appreciate all of your help.  We will definitely refer you to family and friends.
Thanks again,












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